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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

PRYT is an extraordinary healing art appropriate for everyone who desires to be more at ease with their body. Based on the principle of the inter-relationship of body, mind, emotion and spirit; PRYT is client centred, encouraging deep internal awareness rather than a prescription of treatments.

In a PRYT session the client is supported in yoga postures, selected for the specific needs of the individual. The guided dialogue helps to increase self-knowledge by creating a process that brings moment-to-moment awareness of what is happening in the body. Each session lasts approximately ninety minutes. It is suitable for men and women regardless of level of fitness or previous yoga experience.

“Over a few sessions, I got in touch with how and where I held my tension, emotionally and physically. In a loving and safe atmosphere, I was supported while releasing tightness and feelings that had been hidden or frozen. After my sessions I found I was able to identify and release held tension much easier on my own” Linda Myers

“I started yoga therapy when my life seemed bleak. PRYT gave me energy and guided me towards a new outlook. I found it a safe way to focus and explore the connection of energy between body and mind. It helped me to begin to trust myself and to find enough confidence to enjoy life again”.
Janet G


* Relief from Stress and Tension

* Letting go of self-limiting fears and beliefs

* Insights into chronic aches and pains

* Deep relaxation

* Release from past physical and emotional trauma

For further information contact – www.PRYT.com

To book an appointment:

Phone: 416-543-2097

Email: contact@janelowbeer.com

Jane's Flowyoga Classes

Wednesdays 6:15 - 8:15 pm
Mid September to June
Church of Mary Magdelaine
corner of Ulster and Manning

$15 for a single class--series of six classes for $75.00
please bring your own mat

www.kailakuklayoga.com for information about flowyoga

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